10U Boys

10B Pool 1

110B.10 - Indio All Stars32101721523
210B.02 - Redlands Extra321093622
310B.04 - Hemet Aguilas3102711-410
410B.12 - Beaumont SD3003421-174

10B Pool 2

110B.11 - Indio FC3210124822
210B.01 - Moval United312076119
310B.05 - Hemet Red Bulls311154115
410B.06 - Beaumont Premier3003313-103

10B Pool 3

110B.03 - Redlands3210168824
210B.09 - Jurupa FC32101511424
310B.08 - Moreno Valley Lions3102811-313
410B.07 - Perris Venoms3003413-94

Pool Play Rules

Standings for pool play games for 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U will be determined on the “ten-point system” as follows:

  • WIN = 6 points
  • TIE = 3 points
  • LOSS = 0 points
  • GOAL = 1 point per goal (up to a maximum of 3 per game, win or lose)
  • SHUTOUT = 1 point for a shutout
  • FORFEIT = 8 points, scored as a 1-0 win (6 for the win, 1 for one goal, and 1 for a shutout)
  • RED CARD/EJECTION = 1 point deduction (includes 1 point for each player, substitute, spectator, or coach)

Winners of ties in standings will be determined as follows:

  • Head to head competition
  • Most number of wins
  • Goal differential: Goals scored, less total goals allowed; highest differential advances
  • Goals allowed
  • Least number of sportsmanship points deduction
  • Coin toss at the end of pool play

Wildcard teams will be the team(s) with the highest standings points from all teams in the division or flight who are not automatically advancing.

Standings will be updated online and available at cherrycup.org/standings. The deadline to challenge the posted results will be at the conclusion of Pool Play.

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